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Encryption & Licencing

We Can Protect, Licence & Encrypt Your Own Scripts & Code

Full Encryption & Licence Protection

Stop code thieves, add licence options based on domains, licence files & IP, stop anyone modifying your project/script or code...


Next Day Digital Delivery

Full Encryption

Domain Restriction (optional)

MAC Restriction (optional)


Next Day Digital Delivery

File Expiry (optional)

Licence File Restriction

Licence Expiry (optional)

Lock to Domain/IP (optional)


Same Day Digial Delivery

Renew Expiry of files & licence

Change Domain/IP locks

Update project files

Encryption Licence & Encode Features

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The ionCube Encoder compiles sourcecode to bytecode, can obfuscate and encrypt compiled code if desired, and has features to protect decryption keys in various ways, including a unique approach of algorithmic non-stored keys we call Dynamic Keys.

In addition, PHP licensing features allow PHP scripts to be licensed, restricting where PHP code can run and whether it has an expiry time.

ionCube Encoded files can be used on the most widely used operating systems up to PHP 7.4. Support for other platforms is available on request.

  • Protect PHP scripts with compiled bytecode for best performance and protection.
  • Produce encoded PHP files to run on PHP 7.4 and earlier.
  • Use PHP language features up to PHP 7.2.
  • Encrypt non-PHP files such as XML and templates.
  • Generate license files to restrict access to encoded files.
  • Enable one way transformation (obfuscation) of variables and function, method and class names.
  • Encode PHP shell scripts.
  • Prevent file tampering through use of digital signatures.
  • Prevent replacement of encoded files by others.
  • Generate files to expire on a given date or after a time period .
  • Restrict files to run on any combination of IP addresses and/or server names.
  • Restrict files to run on specific MAC addresses.
  • Add readable comments to encoded files for custom copyright, license details etc.
  • Have custom messages and custom handling when files expire or aren't permissioned to run.

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