Launching PBX VoIP Services

Launching our new PBXVirtual Telephone systems for our clients using the latest tech software and smart apps. Turn your PC, laptop mobile and smart device into an on the go phone line, automated call manager, sms, web video chat service all under one roof with our virtual telephony services.

1. Jul 2019
Blockcoin - Our very own Crypto Currency

We have now launched our very own crypto coin "Blockcoin" ready available to download your WT wallet for windows and linux, start mining and running masternodes to earn your own coins.We will use our local currency for several services throughout our websites and services and accross our network so keep your eyes peeled.Head over to the ... weiterlesen »

3. Mai 2019
Introducing NodePAY by BTCTech

Bringing a new payment gateway to the crypto community.NodePAY is about to launch, the service allows merchants and websites to accept crypto and alt-coin payments, instantly and with low transaction fees.We have already integrated NodePAY into the famous WHMCS billing and hosting platform with a quick install module you can setup products and ... weiterlesen »

15. Jan 2019
Wordpress Plugins Making Life Easier For Alt-Coins!

We are now currently working on wordpress plugins and Android Apps to integrate with alt-coins.

Simple online wallets and API to Android Apps, Block exploring with Android, staking pools, exchanges and more if you have an idea we would like to build it!

15. Sep 2018
Our Latest Project

Our latest project on behalf of the MB8 team is our Complex Blockchain Referral Platform, intendted to drive sales and earn commissions on an affiliated basis. Packed with custom functions and direct links to payout on our own blockchain network and more....

18. Aug 2018
Welcome To BTCTech

Inovating, Inventing, Programming, Design.....

We have just landed, we are evolving and inventing every day. Bare with us whilst we lauch our website.

3. Aug 2018